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Winner of the California HealthCare Foundation End of Life Challenge

“What I like about this game is that it’s really focused on the personal, experiential side of caring for another.”
"Playing the game with our son proved to be an invaluable experience."
"I played the game with my own father who is dying of emphysema. It was easier for me to say to my dad—”hey let’s play a conversation game” versus “let’s talk about this heavy topic of death.”
“I played with my Fiance’ last night. We both laughed and cried, and learned new things about each other after 5 years of being together."

Organizations use My Gift of Grace to transform the experience of end of life communication for their staff, patients, families, and communities

CP_org_use_for_MGoG_400x267.pngMy Gift of Grace is the cornerstone of Common Practice, a platform of products and services that help organizations improve end of life conversations for staff, patients, families, and communities.

Through Common Practice, we offer trainings, community engagement, licensing of My Gift of Grace, culture change services, and service design.

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