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In Memoriam

My Gift of Grace was made possible by hundreds of people who contributed their time, financial support, and advice. Some gave their support in memory of loved ones, and this page is dedicated to them.

Frances Deats

Frances Deats

Had my mom played My Gift of Grace in her last days, she would have worried about her legacy. Others had erected walls or built businesses. What did she leave of note? Among other things, she left a circle of friends and family who still feel her absence daily and strive to emulate her compassion, commitment to social justice, and the way she loved openly and fully, as if she’d never been hurt. If only she could see my niece, her granddaughter and namesake. Mom, your love already appears in her face and actions. We miss you but you live on.

— Kathleen Poe

Rhoda Weiderhorn

From left to right, Orson, Rhoda, Charna, Hazel, and Jethro

My grandmother, Rhoda Weiderhorn, outlived her three husbands who she was married to for well over 50 years combined. She lived longer than her siblings and most of her friends. She got to meet and spend quality time with her many grandchildren, those that she was related to by both blood and through marriage. She raised two incredibly strong and beautiful daughters who in turned raised her two grandsons to be very open to talking about tough subjects including dying and pretty much everything else. She was the glue in the family and she is missed and will be for a long time. My life has been blessed by Rhoda who died in July of 2013. I will always be grateful for her guidance and unbounded love and support.

— Jethro Heiko

Photo, from left to right: Orson, Rhoda, Charna, Hazel, and Jethro